How things can just seem to fall into place!

I was born and bred in Dundee so proud to be running the successful Dundee territory of Drain Doctor, and I am just celebrating my 10th year in business.

My story is rather extraordinary – and my eventual association with Drain Doctor appeared to happen by fate. I am a plumber by trade and I was combining that with running a newsagents which I was finding was no longer challenging me enough. I was looking for something new to get my teeth into when one day my neighbour had a seriously blocked drain and who had they called out, Drain Doctor. 

I was interested in what was going on and got chatting with the Drain Doctor plumber, who started telling me about the franchise he was involved with. He was just so enthusiastic and passionate about the brand, and told me how brilliant it had been for him. He was looking to retire and said to me “you need to buy this franchise’ he encouraged me to go for it and as he said it would be one of the best things I’d ever do. I attended an interview down in Peterborough at head office with Jan Mitman and met all the team, it just felt right and the rest is history.

The next quirk of fate was when I sold the newsagents. When I got back on the Tuesday after deciding to buy the Dundee territory of Drain Doctor, I told my staff that the shop was going up for sale, by Wednesday one my employees had bought it! It couldn’t have worked out better and I have never looked back.

Drain Doctor is a great company to be associated with and the backing of a huge brand and a tried and tested business model means success is there if you work hard and match the dedication and enthusiasm of the franchise. I adopt a hands-on, old-fashioned approach to the business, working from word-of-mouth recommendations and speaking to people face-to-face to build brand recognition and grow our customer base. Others may run their businesses differently to mine - but what’s great is that Drain Doctor works for everyone, giving you the freedom and flexibility to run your business. 

Additionally with the support of such a widely-recognised brand behind us and Dundee being an existing territory we were able to hit the ground running. As a one man band with zero brand recognition and no existing clients to build from you can struggle to get the trust and credibility which you get with a name like Drain Doctor. Their commitment to you isn’t purely financial – franchisees are rewarded for their hard work and resulting success which gives you a real boost and refreshes that drive to grow the business further and to become even more successful. The head office team recognise and reward our success and offer the tools and support to maintain and increase growth going forward. My wife Alison is now a partner in the business and takes care of the admin and accounts side of things including invoicing. 

Ultimately, I am now doing something I really enjoy which challenges me every single day. I am also free to spend time doing the other things I love, such as watching Dundee FC. I would recommend Drain Doctor to anyone looking to obtain and run a viable, successful business on their own terms yet without the solitude and anxiety which can often come with going it alone.