Reaping The Rewards With A Drain Doctor Franchise

My decision to launch my own Drain Doctor plumbing business covering Bedford, Milton Keynes, High Wycombe and Aylesbury in 2011 was truly life-changing and joining Drain Doctor is most definitely the best thing I have ever done.

I launched my franchise in January 2011, after selling up my existing conservatory business and followed in the footsteps of the success of a friend, who had been running the Luton Drain Doctor franchise for just over a year. I researched several franchises extensively before settling on Drain Doctor following plenty of positive word-of-mouth feedback from every one I spoke to.

 It also seemed like a good fit due to my existing experience as a mechanical engineer with expertise in many aspects of building work so I do have hands on skills, although I now have a more managerial role in the business. I was particularly sold on the Drain Doctor ethos of delivering exceptional standards of customer service and Drain Doctor’s success in Bedford has undoubtedly come from offering local businesses and homeowners an impeccable service in an industry that can have its share of unreliable and poor operators. I have a healthy mix of commercial and domestic work.

Drain Doctor is great as it allows you the freedom and control to make your own decisions and run the business as a manager and owner, with the support and backup from a trusted brand. This support runs throughout the company and includes contract opportunities, as Head Office helped us to secure several large contracts we simply wouldn’t have been able to go for had we been a one man band. Another advantage is the personal gain and lifestyle which comes along with the business. I’m able to work together with my wife and fit my business around my other passions and interests in life, which include vintage steam engines and cars. 

It’s not easy, nor is it a ‘get rich quick’ scheme; but Drain Doctor offers significant, plentiful rewards for those who work hard and match the company’s dedication and determination to make the franchise a success. These rewards are not purely financial, Drain Doctor run conferences each year which are fantastic opportunities for members to get together to discuss business (and have some fun!). They also hold annual awards for outstanding franchisees and I’m incredibly proud to have received a ‘97% customer satisfaction’ award which is testament to our continued hard work and enables us to secure even higher value contracts. 

Following the substantial growth and exciting results which have arisen so far the next stage would be to look at the acquisition of another territory, I would almost certainly buy another and I’m hoping to grow the business so that I can be less hands-on and concentrate more on the managerial side of things. The great thing is that with Drain Doctor, I’m able to do just that.