It’s not all about being a plumber!

After a long career in sales at, I was looking for something different alongside my brother-in-law and good friend Clive, who had also worked at Yell and had become similarly disillusioned. We wanted something which offered a sound financial investment in return for our initial outlay and hard work.

In 2011, we bought a company in Flint providing transport for schools and social services. As the work was all contracted by different authorities, we had to wait for tenders to come up and often had gaps in the day where our 11 vehicles were out of service which meant we had free time.

Clive had a friend who had bought a Drain Doctor franchise and spoke very highly of it; so naturally, we wanted to find out more. In March 2012 we bought our first Drain Doctor franchise for North Wales and Chester and it has provided us with a superb business opportunity.

Now, we are astounded at the success we have experienced with our current franchise and are looking to acquire more territories in the future.

Drain Doctor offers complete control and flexibility whilst ensuring you are supported by a tried and tested business model at every step of the way. We have been left alone to build our business, yet we can draw on the extensive experience and knowledge of the company when we need to.

Another fantastic thing about Drain Doctor is it is not only open to those with previous experience in trades or plumbing specifically. Clive is the more technically-minded, he also has a similar background to me in sales and marketing, so on the practical side of things it might have seemed strange to purchase a franchise business of this nature. What we do have however is existing expertise in business and finance (I studied business and economics at Coventry University and Clive studied economics at Staffordshire University).

We split responsibilities in the business so I can concentrate on the office, staff and administration where Clive handles the operations side, working with the engineers and has gained considerable technical knowledge. We have seen substantial growth (achieving 167% turnover growth in just one year) and are looking forward to expanding the business further as we have still not reached saturation of the current areas we are working in.

As a result of purchasing a Drain Doctor franchise our work/life balance has greatly improved. We can spend more time with our children and fit the business in around our lifestyles. We’ve also been able to involve and employ family members in the business; my wife works part-time on the marketing side of things and Clive’s wife works part-time taking care of our day-to-day accounts.

There are substantial rewards when you join Drain Doctor without a doubt. The company are prepared to support you every step of the way and match your efforts without fail to secure your success. They say ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’ – and the Drain Doctor model is true to this in every single way. We haven’t just benefited from the financial and personal gains associated with Drain Doctor, we’ve also experienced considerable professional development and growth, honing our management skills and building on our technical expertise. We’re now able to use this knowledge to take the business to the next level and look forward to the future development of our Drain Doctor franchise.