Can I buy more than one franchise area?

Yes. You can buy more than one franchise area, subject to qualification and availability.

Can a franchise be sold or transferred?

Yes. A franchise may be sold if the franchisee is in good standing, in accordance with the Franchise Agreement. The Drain Doctor organisation does reserve the right of first refusal, and must consent to the transfer of any franchise. However, the Drain Doctor organisation’s consent may not be unreasonably withheld. If you ever decide to sell your business, a franchise almost always commands a higher price than an independent business.

How long does my franchise last?

The initial term is 10 (ten) years. You may renew for an additional ten year period on the then current franchise terms, with no additional franchise fee. You must be in good standing with the Drain Doctor organisation and have complied with all the terms of the Franchise Agreement.

What about advertising?

We will help you to place Drain Doctor advertisements in your local Yellow Pages and give you access to our internet advertising. We will advise you on all aspects of advertising and marketing in your area and help you to prepare suitable advertisements. Drain Doctor also places national brand awareness advertising to further build the Drain Doctor brand name.

Must I buy equipment and supplies from Drain Doctor?

No. The Drain Doctor organisation do, however, insist on certain standards in the types of equipment used that will carry the companies image, and which are essential to our concept.

Must I carry the Drain Doctor Plumbing name?

Yes. When you buy a Drain Doctor franchise you are required, under the terms and conditions of the Franchise Agreement, to operate solely under the name of Drain Doctor. Conversions from existing businesses are allowed a one year period, when the previous name may be listed below Drain Doctor as ‘formerly XYZ Company’.

Is training available at my place of business?

Yes. You will be required to attend a full training class at the head office. Additional training at the franchisee’s location is available.

Do I receive assistance in getting started?

Yes. You will have our help in all aspects of preparing and starting your business.

Will I receive help after I have started trading?

Yes. Advice and assistance is available for the entire term of your franchise. In addition, you will receive the confidential Drain Doctor Operations Manual, Technical Manual and Marketing Manual covering important facets of your business operations. As the manuals are updated, revisions
are made available, together with bulletins, containing useful management information about important events in the industry.

Help is as close as your telephone.

Do you offer a finance programme?

Company sponsored financial assistance is available to qualified applicants. Van and equipment leasing programmes are also available.

I am interested. How do I get started?

During the next few weeks we will be having a series of conversations with a view to find out more about each other. As we progress, a personal meeting may well be arranged, at which we can fully discuss your particular situation and your suitability to become a Drain Doctor franchisee. If this meeting is successful, you will be invited to join one of our training courses prior to the launch of your new business.