Drain Doctor gives a nationwide, high quality, uniform service experience for all those in need of expert plumbing and drainage services for consumers. For our franchisees it provides the perfect opportunity to build a highly profitable business.

We are in an industry which has some rogue traders which unfortunately can hit the headlines and tarnish the sector. Here at Drain Doctor we stand out for all the right reasons. We have built our business on providing only the best reliable service to our customers, whether domestic or commercial. Technicians are trained not just with technical skills such as closed circuit camera drain surveys, but also in customer care. It can be the attention to detail which can make the difference, for example all Drain Doctor vans carry a red carpet to protect floors, all technicians wear overshoes and importantly they clear up carefully after every job.

Being in demand

As a franchisee you can expect to be in demand, at some time everyone will need the services of a quality plumber, one that is reliable and trustworthy, exactly what Drain Doctor is renowned for. In addition to local marketing activity and working alongside other existing franchisees, you will have access to a number of much sought after national accounts where all service requests in your area will be sent to your individual territory.

Your investment

Your investment with Drain Doctor is based on an area with a population of 400,000+. The franchise fee is £35,000 + VAT. We have good relations with all the major high street banks who have provided finance for our franchises, to purchase and grow their business for over 20 years.

When you buy a Drain Doctor franchise you buy into the brand, customers often prefer a well-known national name and its high standards, they know what to expect and the quality they will get.

All of which will bring them back to you, time and time again.

The Need

All consumers are looking for good service at a fair price. When they invite a contractor into their home, they want someone who’ll solve their problems; someone who won’t take advantage of them; someone they can trust.

Drain Doctor is becoming the only recognised, nationwide, name specialising in an expert, all round, plumbing and drainage service.

Our emphasis is in giving a superb quality of service, and that service is bringing us a very high rate of returning customers and recommendations.

As our franchised network continues to grow, more and more people nationwide are realising that they can trust all their plumbing and drainage needs, and emergencies, to the professional ‘problem solvers’ at Drain Doctor. With Drain Doctor they will be picking a winner.

By joining Drain Doctor you will be part of something unique – a nationwide effort to build the leading name in a consistent, high quality, reliable service.

National franchising chains have proved themselves, time after time, in industry after industry – restaurants, garage chains, clothing outlets, emergency and repair services, pest control, hotels, building companies, pet services and many more, the list goes on and on.

Great rewards are being realised by the forward thinking entrepreneurs who have allied themselves with this proven franchise concept.

With Drain Doctor you can be part of the hottest opportunity in the U.K. today.


When you buy a Drain Doctor franchise, you buy the exclusive rights to advertise and promote the name and concept in your territory and to receive all service enquiries within the territory from Drain Doctor’s national advertising, internet, and Public Relations programmes.


As a Drain Doctor franchisee, you’ll enjoy the full backing of the Drain Doctor organisation. As part of the world’s premier service group Drain Doctor is well placed to support all aspects of your business.

The specific support provided to Drain Doctor franchisees includes:

  • Extensive business, marketing and technical training.
  • Regional training meetings and information exchanges with other Drain Doctor franchisees.
  • Drain Doctor confidential operations, marketing and technical manuals.
  • Exclusive use in your territory of the Drain Doctor approach to sales and service.
  • Access to Drain Doctor’s business software and systems.
  • Drain Doctor marketing programmes and material.

Drain Doctor is dedicated to your success. There are no conflicts of interest. In addition, all Drain Doctor franchisees provide mutual support and idea generation. The combined efforts and experiences of Drain Doctor franchisees across the country. Provide an incredible synergy.

Business Value

Exclusive use of the Drain Doctor name adds value to your business. When it’s time to sell, a franchise with a well known national company usually carries a higher premium than a stand alone company.

The franchise is an asset, one that’s appreciating every day, and the Drain Doctor organisation will assist your efforts to find a buyer, after all the Drain Doctor organisation has a continuing interest in your business as a going concern.

Through our contacts with entrepreneurs across the country, we may well be your best assistant in finding someone to pass the business along to.

Problems & Solutions

The biggest problems faced by plumbing and drainage contractors today include:

  • How do I keep business coming in?
  • How do I protect my income stream during the down times?
  • How do I earn higher margins?
  • How do I find, and keep good personnel?
  • How do I manage my business finances and VAT?
  • How do I ensure we’re providing quality work?
  • How do I establish, and maintain, good customer service?
  • How do I comply with changing Government regulations?

You can find all the solutions with…

Drain Doctor