The Benefits

UK consumers prefer national franchisees because they provide consistent top quality service. The structure of the franchise system enables services to be delivered in a uniform way. Consumers want this uniformity and the Drain Doctor franchise system can deliver it!

It makes sense

Even for established contractors franchises make sense! In a study of over nine thousand consumers, contractors affiliated with a national franchise were preferred by a 2:1 margin. 4 in 5 franchisees *(80%) believe they have a competitive advantage (over other small businesses) as the result of running a franchised business. This is particularly true of customer facing franchises.

In essence, franchising involves systematic business support. Franchisees are granted the rights to use the logo, the brand, the business systems principals and all the support systems.

Learn from others. Use the system.

Franchising enables numerous entrepreneurs to learn from the experiences of others by following a system developed from the most successful companies in a given field. The franchisee saves time, money and energy by following a proven pattern and receives support from both the
franchisor and other Franchisees.

You don’t have to develop the business systems yourself. They are done for you!

The Power of Synergy

Inherently, franchises have a competitive advantage over other small businesses. The synergy of hundreds of companies working together provides knowledge resources for effective business growth.

Not only does the franchisor provide a proven business format, ongoing assistance, research into new services and operation methods, but the franchises progress to become laboratories of innovation.

Everyone benefits

When one franchisee develops a superior operation method or marketing ideas, all franchisees benefit! When one franchisee provides a customer with a memorable service experience or conducts a local marketing campaign, there is a knock on effect, which benefits neighbouring franchises.

Consumers are continuously mobile as they travel and relocate. They look for service providers they know! The synergy is possible only because each franchise area is exclusive. One franchisee's success does not detract from another, so there is every incentive to cooperate.

“Together, we can all do more than each of us can do independently.”

*Source NatWest VBFA Survey