By on 07/01/2016

Drain Doctor in Brighton had a very busy time over the Christmas and New Year period. On Christmas Day Michael Pope and his team attended a leaking shower valve which had caused water to flow through the ceiling of the room below. Then they had to unblock a WC.

On Boxing Day the team was called to two more blocked toilets and on New Year’s Eve the team got a call out for a blocked drain. On investigation the problem turned out to be a flower pot in the drain causing the blockage!

The biggest job of the holidays for Team Brighton was on New Year’s Day.

Michael received a call from David Lloyds in Worthing about a blocked drain. It wasn’t as straightforward as a simple blockage. Some building work had been done at the premises which resulted in a lot of fast setting cement blocking the drain.  During the initial call out Michael’s team partially cleared the blockage to keep David Lloyds running.

Michael and his team returned on Saturday and again on Sunday to clear the worst of the blockage. However, they will be back this week to remove the remainder via a dig up as the jet cannot move all the cement.

So, a varied lot of jobs for the holidays!


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