By on 10/08/2015

It’s always good to get a pat on the back for a job well done. Recently the team at the Dublin franchise got just that when they followed up on an emergency call about flooding received from Lansdowne Partnership.

Drain Doctor’s technician Alan responded quickly to the call and began work by wet vacuuming the water and installing a dehumidifier.

Alan followed this up by investigating the source of the leak. He removed a section of wall and noted the entry point of the water. Not long after he had arranged sand bags to stem the flow of water.

Property series manager Kieran Corcoran said: “Alan was fantastic in all aspects of his role in assisting our office. He also spoke with the council officials and checked their work when they began to make the repairs to the mains.

“Alan was fantastic in his work during the flood; he was here all day every day and never took a break, a credit to his job!”

Lansdowne Partnership staff were unanimous in their praise of Alan’ work ethic. Here is a taste of what they had to say:

•    Never stopped working (nor did the water)
•    Alan never got in the way of us working on our behalf. He was unobtrusive! I looked it up it is correct
•    Obliging and pleasant at all times helped find keys (when I could not wade in to the key room!)


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